Before you proceed

As for now Elai has four different types of custom avatars: Studio, Selfie, Animated mascot and Photo avatar.

Please read more about each type on avatars page.

Studio, selfie, and mascot avatars


How to create avatar footage

Use our recomendations and instructions with best practices described here

Follow these steps to create studio, selfie, and mascot avatars at scale

  • Buy avatars
  • Create your footage. Follow these instructions.
  • Fetch avatars using avatars list API. After you fetch all avatars use filters to grab custom avatars that requires data avatar.status = 4. Grab avatar IDs _id from result and use them in PATCH requests to upload avatar's footage.
  • For studio and selfie avatars you should create a folder in your Google Drive. Name it 'Selfie avatar' or 'Studio avatar'. Upload your footage to folder and share it with [email protected]. Send this link via API using PATCH method.
  • For mascot avatar upload your mascot images/drafts using PATCH method.
  • After that we will send you an email with required footage improvements or when the avatar is ready.
  • You can fetch your avatars again and check when avatar's status is 2 - it means avatar is ready.


How to buy avatar?

You can buy avatar using Buy avatar page or contacting our sales team.

Photo avatars

For photo avatar use Create Photo Avatar method to upload your photo. Avatar will be ready instantly.

Avatar statuses

0Avatar is disabled
1In development, Elai tests
2Enabled for clients, public
3Payment is past due or incomplete, disabled
4Data required from customers - video footage or images
5Avatar is in progress (model training and other preparation)