Generate a new video from URL, HTML or plain text.

Video will be generated in story mode.


To create a video story from HTML or URL just set the type to "html" and send your content or URL in "from" param.

Plain Text

To have complete control over the generation, you can send plain text in a specific format for a predictable result.

You can use headers (strings up to 105 characters) followed by paragraphs (unlimited text without linebreaks). Each header and paragraph should be separated by \n\n. Using such a format you can predict a number of slides and text for each. If you need more flexibility in converting plain text to slides, please send us a message at [email protected]

Optionally you can have the first header as your video title.

Real-life plain text example.

AI Presenters\n\n Introduction\n\n Technology has changed the way we communicate, allowing us easily connect with others across the globe in an instant. Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly import ant in this area, with AI presenters now available to deliver content in a professional and engaging way. AI presenters allow businesses to communicate with their audiences without the need for a human presenter, and can be trained to have a variety of skills. This presentation will discuss the benefits, applications, and limitations of AI presenters.\n\n Benefits\n\n Al presenters offer a number of benefits for businesses. They can be programmed to deliver content in any language, with a range of accents, styles, and personalities. They provide a consistent and engaging experience for audiences, as well as reducing costs, since program ming and maintaining the presenter is much cheaper than hiring a human presenter. AI presenters also ensure that content is delivered with accuracy and clarity.


Generate slides

After successfull video creation in story mode, you won't be able to render video right away. First you need to generate slides from your story.

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