Request to render or create a batch of videos (one or more) from a template.


How to create personalized videos

Check how to use this API call to create personalized videos here.

If templateData contains only single item, then the identifier of the newly created video will be returned immediately in response, and webhook "video_ready" will be triggered too.

  "accepted": true, 
  "requestId": "FKdFTb5MciFRG1QD",
  "videoId": "63ea63c1c00dfe1a72cc7426"

Otherwise, we will trigger a related webhook for each rendered video with related requestId and batchRowId, so you can map each videoId when it's ready to the data row in your request.
For example:

  "event": "video_ready",
  "requestId": "FKdFTb5MciFRG1QD",
  "batchRowId": "0 - index of video in related batch request",
  "video": {
    "_id": "63ea63c1c00dfe1a72cc7426",
    "other": "fields"
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