This API allows you to generate videos based on different types of content at scale. For example, if you have a blog, you can turn each article into a video only by its URL. You can also turn any HTML or formatted text into a video with a predefined structure.

These are the steps required to generate videos at scale:

  • Prepare your template based on existing Story templates
  • Use API to create story video from URL, HTML, or text. You can also create videos from scratch using GPT API.
  • Adjust text using GPT enhancements. Elai API can shorten the text, add missing text, and automatically edit content to fit the proper slide structure.
  • Generate video from adjusted text
  • Render video from slides

You can add manual control on each step or run the whole pipeline fully automatically.


You need to create a Story template

Any video must be generated from a specific Story template. Please read here how to create one.