This API allows you to generate videos based on different types of content at scale. For example, if you have a blog, you can turn each article into a video only by its URL. You can also turn any HTML or formatted text into a video with a predefined structure.


How to start

The best way to understand how to work with Story would be to use it in our app. API has the same possibilities.

There are 2 primary use cases for this API: generate videos from massive texts where Elai will help to generate texts OR create all text yourself and let Elai generate visuals for you.

Generate from text (more automation)

  • Use API to create a video from URL, HTML, or text. You can also create videos from scratch using GPT API.
  • Prepare your template from scratch or based on existing templates.
  • Adjust text using GPT enhancements. Elai API can shorten the text, add missing text, and automatically edit content to fit the proper slide structure.
  • Generate slide visuals based on text.
  • Review your video visuals if needed and render your video.

You can add manual control on each step or run the whole pipeline fully automatically.

Generate only visuals (more control)

You can add your texts manually and let Elai only to create visuals for you based on the text. Read more here.